Tuesday, December 9, 2008

French Modernism

When I think of modern furniture design usually Denmark, Germany and America come to mind. Let's face it the French are known mostly for their modern art not modern furniture. The French have always lagging behind in modernist endeavors. They mostly attempted to dabbled in modernism during the WWII era, but that was more about ideas than actual design. That's not to say they haven't produced some good modern design , but their specialty is big French Provencal pieces decked out with ornamentation.

Enough rambling! French artist Richard Prince has tried his hand at modernism. The collection as a whole I felt was not very innovative and reminiscent of a lot of American and Danish pieces from the 1950's, but not in a "WOW I want this" kind of way. However, I did love his coffee table pictured above. His chair also was very interesting, it reminded me of a very clean fresh starched sheet frozen in time.

Sometimes as artists we try to do and give too much to a collection. I am guilty of it myself I often give a client more than is needed instead of narrowing down the best pieces to show. I believe Richard Prince should have narrowed down his collection for a much more successful presentation.

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