Thursday, March 5, 2009

Kodawood Furniture Mystery

I have just added to my collection of Kodawood Chairs bringing my Kodawood collection up to 6 chairs. I own 4 without arms and 2 with arms. My 4 newest black ones are shown above.

These chairs are remarkably beautifully crafted and have been rumoured to be designed by the famous Finn Juhl. However, I have found no creditable information to back up this claim as Finn Juhl only designed for danish companies. These designs are more similar to a mix between Elias Barup and Koford Larsen and are known for their "floating seat" design.

2 local collectors in the past have even claimed that these pieces were danish made, but the label clearly states that they were manufactured in Miami Florida in the late 60's. When I originally stumbled onto my first two Kodawood chairs over a year ago the original owner claimed they were part of a dinning room table set. Though these chairs sit very low and are a bit sloped not making for an ideal table setting.

Kodawood furniture remains a bit of an Internet mystery as I can find little to no information on the company. The chairs also very rarely show up on Ebay or anywhere else. I have seen 4 Kodawood types so far in this style, Rocker, Tandem, Arms and Armless.

I hope to find more information and more chairs in the future!


Jill said...

I have 4 Kodawood chairs with bent wood backs and white Naugahyde, I believe. They are really cool looking and I bought them with a round kitchen table that I don't believe is truly part of a set. But the chairs are awesome. I do a search on Kodawood every few months hoping to see mine. Only one chair has a partial label. Thank God, as I didn't know who made them. Had never heard of Kodawood before.
I love your pictures, but don't see your chairs.

Lexi said...

I, too, can't see the picture. I'd love to see it though, curious as to if these are anything like my mystery Kodawood chairs! :)

modartgirl said...

go to

the mystery is solved

modartgirl45 said...

mystery solved
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CheckpointTest said...

I have some Kodawood chairs and also am trying to find more info about the maker. Let me know if you have found anything in your research worth passing along. Here are my chairs:

oldbisbee said...

Not sure if you are still collecting, but I have 9 of the S. James Weiner Kodawood clamshell chairs in beautiful original condition (with original pearlescent white vinyl!) on ebay right now. I'm selling as pairs, and one single. I was searching for more Kodawood info when I came across your blog. Just in case you're interested...

steven w said...

I have a pair of the drumstick chairs that are usually attributed to kofod larsen for Selig. However, the ones I have were made by Kodawood. I see that the originals were designed by Dan Johnson for Selig. Not sure which ones came first as Kofod Larsen also did work for Selig too. Quite the interesting puzzle. Note: The way to tell the difference between the drumstick chairs is the number of screws on the back pieced near the brass rod. Selig has two screws and kodawood has one.

Ethan Smith said...

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